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7 Tips on how to get a cheaper price from a painter

Getting a cheaper price from your painter can't be easier There are many factors that could affect the painter's estimate. We have spoken to many clients and price painting jobs for a variety of properties. There are many ways to get a cheaper painting estimate quote from your house painting contractor. We share some tips about what

Door Restoration

Door Refurbishing Is Usually the Best Solution Entrance doors could usually be quite expensive. Specially if they are made of Mahogany, Oak or Jarrah. Other types of wooden doors also worth protecting specially if they were around for quite a while and you still like the design and overall look of the door. Cherry,

5 important moves before your painter comes in

Getting ready for your home painting If you are counting down the days until Chromatist Painters arrive to paint your home, you’ve got a beautiful house to look forward to. In the meantime, there is a little bit of preparation you can do to make sure the project goes smoothly. Chromatist Painters home painting contractors

Quality Paint Matters

You get what you pay for. That old saying that we have heard throughout our lives is true of most things, including paint. As you look around your local home improvement store, you will notice there are a plethora of different options when it comes to exterior paint. As the options increase, so does the difference in