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7 Tips on how to get a cheaper price from a painter

Getting a Cheaper House Painting Quote: Tips and Tricks

Pursuing an interior painting project for your house in Toronto involves numerous considerations, especially when aiming for both quality and cost-effectiveness. If you’re seeking a cheap painter in Toronto, Chromatist Painters understands the importance of transparency in pricing and strives to offer competitive rates without compromising on excellence. With a standard house painting cost of $5-7 per sq ft, our comprehensive painting service covers walls, ceiling, trims, doors, baseboards, and windows. This means the cost to paint a 1500 sq ft house interior in Canada would typically range from $7,500 to $10,500. Explore the factors influencing these costs and find a balance between your budget and the desire for a professionally painted home interior.

Factors That Affect Painter’s Estimate

Interior painting contractor working on a full house painting project in Leaside with full furniture

Empty Your House for a Cost-Effective Painting Quote

When your house is empty, the painting prep becomes quicker, resulting in a more affordable quote. If you’re living in the house, consider moving furniture to lower the estimate.

Be Time Flexible for a Better Deal

Offer flexibility in project deadlines. Consider planning during the slow season to benefit from last-minute cancellations and potential discounts.

Trust Your Painting Contractor’s Suggestion for Cost Savings

Painters may get better discounts on paint brands. Trust your painter’s suggestion for a brand, as it might result in a lower quote due to volume discounts.

Get Multiple House Painting Quotes for Comparison

Getting at least three quotes helps you choose the best offer. Ensure you compare services and protections, like warranties and insurance coverage, to make an informed decision.

Paint More, Pay Less

The more you paint in one go, the lower the cost per room. Package multiple areas in your project to take advantage of reduced setup and cleanup costs.

Ask Politely for a Better Painting Quote

Communicate your interest in a good deal and express your eagerness to work with the painter. A polite request can often lead to a more favorable estimate.

Helpful Suggestions to Negotiate a Better Price

If you want to negotiate for a better price, here are a few polite yet effective ways:

  • Express your interest in getting the best value for your money.
  • Mention your willingness to give your painting contractor, your business if they can provide a more favorable painting quote.

Final Reminder: Choose a Painter You’re Comfortable With

Always prioritize hiring a painter you feel comfortable with, ensuring satisfaction with the final paint job. Politeness and communication are key to securing the best deal while fostering a positive working relationship.

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