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Chromatist Painters won Best of the Best Award 2023 that honours pros who have risen to the top of their fields by winning Best of Awards year after year. These pros deserve an extra special distinction.
Chromatist Painters won the Best of the Best Award 2022 honours pros who have risen to the top of their fields by winning Best of Awards year after year. These pros deserve an extra special distinction.

Painting Homes with Artistry: Rui's Testimonial with Chromatist Painters

In this video testimonial, our amazing homeowner, Rui shares his experience working with Chromatist Painters for the painting and custom decoration of his newly renovated house in Oakville, ON. He highlights the seamless process, automated communication, and flexibility in project customization. Rui appreciates the consultative color selection process and the transparency in cost and deliverables. He emphasizes the meticulous preparation work and the pride that Chromatist Painters show in their craftsmanship. Rui's trust in the recommendation from a friend and his satisfaction with the exceptional service has led him to continuous business and also confidently recommend Chromatist to others.

Transforming Homes with Chromatist: Amy's Inspiring Paint Job Journey in Downtown Toronto

Embark on a captivating journey with Amy as she shares her remarkable experience of a paint job that revitalized her home after undergoing two owner changes. From the initial phone call, Shayan, the personable owner of Chromatist, left Amy amused with his knowledge and approachability. The color consultation was a success, providing Amy with insights into the trendiest colors for her space. Chromatist went above and beyond, addressing electrical work and meticulously repairing wall defects. The walkthrough left Amy and her family exhilarated by the impeccable finished results, as they finally felt this was their home, and Chromatist truly understood that sentiment. The paints used were meticulously labeled and listed, ensuring Amy has all the necessary details for future reference. Amy's satisfaction shines through as she enthusiastically recommends Chromatist, already having referred two to three people to their exceptional services. Discover the joy of a flawless paint job and be inspired by Amy's transformative journey in this must-watch YouTube video.

Revitalizing Home Vibes: Kamran's Inspiring Interior Painting Journey in Downtown Toronto

Join Kamran as he shares his exhilarating experience of an interior house painting project in downtown Toronto. Moving into a new house adorned with captivating artwork, Kamran was eager to freshen up the walls and infuse the space with a new energy. Discover how his meeting with Chromatist, a trusted painting company, and their commitment to transparency and communication set the foundation for a successful partnership. While Kamran and his family enjoyed a relaxing getaway at a cottage, Chromatist diligently transformed their home, providing daily updates on the project progress. Witness the remarkable transformation that goes beyond a mere transaction, highlighting the power of building relationships and exceptional planning, execution, and follow-up. Get inspired by Kamran's journey as he unveils the incredible impact of their collaboration with Chromatist on their new home's ambiance and their overall satisfaction. Don't miss this captivating testimonial video that showcases the transformative power of interior painting and the exceptional service offered by Chromatist in Greater Toronto Area.

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We engaged Chromatist to paint our 100 year old home in mid-town Toronto this spring. There were a number of issues that made this job a little unique. We had just gotten our knob-and-tube wiring replaced so there were a lot of holes that had been recently roughly plastered over.
Also, there was a large hole in the lathe-and-plaster ceiling of our dining room from a plumbing leak. Finally, our hallway was finished with faux
painting that simulated marble and brick with some trompe-l'oele of leaves in a vase that we wished to preserve rather than paint over.

Shayan and his team were a pleasure to work with and did a great job on this challenging project. Every day the painters were very considerate and minimized disruption such that we were able to continue to work from home during the whole process.

We especially appreciate the work on the faux painting in the hall, where Shayan had someone come in to analyze color matches and then hand painted and blended the colors so as to seamlessly hide the cracks and plaster that was there before. It looks better now than it did when we bought our house (a long time ago!).

Thanks Shayan and team. We are definitely interested in working with you again.

Tony, Homestars

Dealing with Shayan and his team at Chromatist was fantastic. From the initial consultation they were on time and had really good suggestions regarding what colours to use through out the house.

Shayan and his were very professional once they started painting the house. Everything was covered properly and drop sheets were laid out everywhere. Before starting to paint they fixed all the issues we had with the walls and around the windows and then they moved onto painting.

The job was done in 3 days as initially promised. At the end me and Shayan went in detail over all the walls and hallways and if I noticed anything it was fixed promptly. All the remaining paint containers were labeled properly and left behind for any future touchups.

Also I got a detailed email with all the colours and the spots they were used in for future references. We were very happy with the quality of work and the attention to detail.


Would totally recommend Chromatist for anyone looking for a high quality paint job.

Pouyan Fard, Google

I normally don't like dealing with contractors, except for those few who truly understand the value of customer service. And Shayan and his team are the best! On time. On budget. Excellent job. Friendly. And Shayan knows that superior customer service is the key to happy customers. I highly recommend Shayan and Chromatist for any painting needs, you will be so happy you did.

Markus, Homestars

Chromatist Painters are absolutely amazing! Our front doors were in horrible shape from the sun, snow, rain over the years. Shayan and his amazing team completely transformed them and they look brand new! I couldn’t be happier they look fantastic! Chromatist Painters are extremely polite, very reliable, precise in everything they do, capable and staffed to ensure high-quality service from beginning to end! It was such a pleasure to have them do this for us! I would recommend them in a heart beat! We also would like to paint our home and Donya walked with me through our home and suggested paint colours and different things we can do, I can’t wait for them to come and paint our home! Thank you so very much for making our doors look absolutely beautiful! You guys are absolutely amazing!
See you guys soon! =)

Angelika, Google

Shayan and the team at Chromatist were exceptional, a very smooth experience working with them. They came on site for the quote, gave us a reasonable price and showed their previous work. Once we agreed, they came and completed the job within the agreed timeframe. The paint job was brilliant, great attention to detail and they're very customer service friendly. Highly recommend them :)

Mignon Interiors, Homestars

I spent some time researching painters to paint the exterior of my home to enhance curb appeal for when the home goes on the market. I could only find a few that offered exterior painting and Chromatist Painters stood out the most. The price was competitive but more importantly the level of service was exceptional from the initial quote to the final brush stroke. The color consultation was also very helpful and I'm glad I took Shayan's recommendations. I would use them again and I would recommend them to anyone.

Neil C, Google

Shayan and his team did an amazing job painting every room on the main and top floor of our 100+ year old house. There were a lot of cracks, holes and patches that had to be fixed and they took their time to do it right. Their attention to detail was excellent. They communicated well throughout the project, even as we changed our minds about colours once we saw how they looked in the space. The took pride in their work and wanted us to be happy with the result. The rooms all look great and the house is completely refreshed thanks to the professional work of Chromatist.

Shayan and his team blew us away with their quality, professionalism, hard work, communication and attention to detail. Shayan is always responsive, and has client satisfaction as his number one priority. Considering the effort that was put into every detail, from taping and covering to rolling and cutting, and the resulting great quality, he offers great value.

Noam, Google


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