So, You have been thinking about giving your condo a fresh coat of paint.The walls are starting to look a bit drab, and you could use a change, whether it’s to modernize the space, brighten it up, add depth and character, or simply to create a more inviting and cozy ambiance. At first, you may think, “Hey, I can DIY paint my condo myself! How hard can it be?” But then, painting isn’t just about picking up a roller and going to town on your walls; there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s all about skill level, tools, project complexity, and prep work.

So, you started to wonder when it’s better to DIY and when you should hire a pro to paint your condo.

When to hire a pro

Safety First

One significant factor is safety. If you can’t comfortably reach the areas you want to paint with a stepladder, is it worth the risk of straining yourself or worse, falling? Probably not. Safety first, right?

Wall Condition Matters

What about the condition of your walls? A few minor dings and nicks are okay, but if there are major holes in your drywall or you can see signs of water damage, that’s a job for a professional. You don’t want to mess that up.

Choosing the Right Color

Then there’s the color selection. Who knew there were 52 shades of white? Picking the right color is crucial because it sets the ambiance for your entire condo. It’s a decision you don’t want to mess up.

Dealing with Specialty Paints

Then there’s the type of paint. Lacquers, Limewash and high glosses are tricky and best left to the pros. They often require spray applications, and even professionals need to be cautious to avoid imperfections. So, unless you have experience with these specialty paints, you might want to steer clear.

Consideration for Different Rooms

You should also consider that different rooms might need special paint and a specific finish. The color and finish of walls, trims, and doors should also be picked wisely as they hugely affect the overall look and feel of your house.

When to DIY paint a condo

Assessing Wall Condition

But here’s the thing: your walls are generally in good shape. You are not dealing with water damage or massive holes. You just want a fresh look. So, maybe you can handle this. Also painting smaller areas, like a bedroom, is manageable for a DIYer. It doesn’t require a lot of time or energy, and it’s a perfect project for someone with no experience. Just rememeber you shouldn’t skimp on tools. Quality tools can make a big difference in the final result.

Painting Smaller Areas and the Importance of Quality Tools

So, here’s where you stand: if you are painting a smaller area, your walls are in decent shape, and you’re interested and willing to invest in good tools, you might give this DIY thing a shot. But for the more challenging tasks, like reaching high spots, dealing with tricky paint types, or fixing major wall issues, we definitely recommend considering hiring a professional. After all, you want your home to look great, and please don’t compromise on that.

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Wondering about the approximate timeline and prices for our interior condo painting?

  • For small to medium condos (walls, trims, and doors excluding ceilings), expect 1 to 3 business days and a cost of $1,500 – $2,500 + HST.
  • Medium to large condos (walls, trims, and doors excluding ceilings) may take 2 to 4 business days and cost $2,500 – $3,800 + HST.
  • For large to XL condos (walls, trims, and doors excluding ceilings), plan for 4 to 7 business days at $4,000 – $7,500 + HST.

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