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Door Refurbishing Is Usually the Best Solution

Entrance doors could usually be quite expensive. Specially if they are made of Mahogany, Oak or Jarrah. Other types of wooden doors also worth protecting specially if they were around for quite a while and you still like the design and overall look of the door. Cherry, Maple and walnut are also really good type of wood to be used for doors. For more information regarding wooden doors and quality please see our article about Best Types of Woods For Doors.

Why to refurbish your doors rather than replacing them?

  • Budget Friendly

  • Environmental Friendly

  • Quick and Easy

  • Look Consistency

  • Art Preservation

Even though some may think painting would be the solution to all of the damaged surfaces, there is still a better solution to preserve the look of a wooden door rather than hiding it behind many coats of paint and sentence your beautiful front door which used to be nice and costly to a new life that may last for couple years. By our door refurbishing system we help home owners to preserve the old doors they have and keep it for another decade or more. Here are why we should refurbish them rather than disposing them directly or by painting them.

Budget Friendly

People tend to think that replacing the front entrance door is a good solution to upgrade the look of their house. we beg to differ. It is not only more budget friendly to refurbish doors but also it is a big upgrade on the look if the job is done right. On one hand the cost of replacing an entrance door varies in a range of 10K to 25K depending on size, quality and elements used to produce the door. This is only the cost of buying the door. There comes installation and finish coat as well as clear coat and sealing material to preserve the door for longevity. On the other hand refurbishing your existing door could cost Less than 2800 at most cases and that only depends on the size of the door and how damaged the door is.

Environmental Friendly

Removing your existing door as well as disposing it will have long time effects on our planet earth considering the chemicals and materials used to preserve and protect the wood. Then there will more material and chemicals used to prepare, install and stain/paint the door. Refurbishing your existing door however is very easy and environmental friendly with the material that we use to strip the varnish, stain/paint off the door and seal and apply new material which nowadays is more environmental friendly. In this case you wont need to go through a one day installation project with lots of missionary materials and don’t need to feel bad about disposing a costly door with a lot of memory.

Quick and Easy

Door refurbishing usually takes us three days to finish. At Chromatist Painters we have really good plan how to execute project like this.

  1. Day one would be covering, removing/protecting hardware, Closing inside areas, stripping paint and sanding.
  2. Day two would be preparing, filling, smoothing, staining and cleaning.
  3. Final day would be sealing, caulking, varnishing, putting hardware back and last cleaning.

We tend to finish in three days, however once in a blue moon we need to take the extra step and do the second step twice in two days.

Look Consistency

Imaging a thirty years old (or more) house with a brand new door. We have had experiences where the home owner was asking us to finish the brand new door in a way that it doesn’t look brand new. You know why? Look consistency. Your house after a while will capture a unique character that could steal the hears of pedestrians passing by. keeping that look maybe way more easier than you thought with keeping the wooden exteriors in a good shape, sealed and long lasting. Redoing the finish of the older door will not only lifts the overall look of the house but also shows how well kept this house is generally.

Art Preservation

As we mentioned earlier if your door is made of Mahogany, Oak or Jarrah It is highly recommended to refurbish and restores your door. It is not easy to make such doors and It is clearly something that was not easy to do thirty or fifty years ago. Considering the design and made of those kind of woods we always recommend our clients to preserve the art and make sure to take care of it properly. Your door may become an ancient piece of art if it is kept well!

These five reasons why door refurbishing is usually the best solution is just a tip of the iceberg. If your door is an actual nice door it is the best to preserve it not to mention the reasons. If you like what you read feel free to contact us for a free consultation session regarding your doors/wooden surfaces finishes and refurbishing. our team of home painters are experienced in refurbishing and always standing behind our work. Looking forward to working with you.

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