Preserving the Beauty and Longevity of Your Doors: Door Refurbishment in Toronto

Your exterior front door is not just an entryway; it’s an expression of your home’s personality and style. If your doors are made of exquisite woods like Mahogany, Oak, Jarrah, Cherry, Maple, or Walnut, they deserve to be cherished and maintained for years to come. At Chromatist Painters, we specialize in door refurbishment and wood door restoration, offering an eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and stylish alternative to door replacement.

Why Choose Door Refurbishment over Replacement?

  • Budget Friendly

  • Environmental Friendly

  • Quick and Easy

  • Look Consistency

  • Art┬áPreservation

Even though some may think painting would be the solution to all of the damaged surfaces, there is still a better solution to preserve the look of a wooden door rather than hiding it behind many coats of paint and sentence your beautiful front door which used to be nice and costly to a new life that may last for couple years. By our door refurbishing system we help home owners to preserve the old doors they have and keep it for another decade or more. Here are why we should refurbish them rather than disposing them directly or by painting them.

Budget Friendly

Budget-Friendly: Door replacement can cost a fortune, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 for a quality entrance door, including installation and finishing expenses. In contrast, our door refurbishing services can revitalize your existing door for less than $2,800, depending on its size and condition.

Environmental Friendly

Disposing of your existing door and installing a new one can have a significant impact on the environment due to chemicals and materials used. Door refurbishment minimizes waste and employs more eco-friendly stripping, staining, and sealing materials.

Quick and Easy

Our efficient door refurbishing process typically takes just three days to complete. From stripping and sanding to staining and sealing, we have a well-planned approach to ensure a smooth transformation.

  1. Day one would be covering, removing/protecting hardware, Closing inside areas, stripping paint and sanding.
  2. Day two would be preparing, filling, smoothing, staining and cleaning.
  3. Final day would be sealing, caulking, varnishing, putting hardware back and last cleaning.

We tend to finish in three days, however once in a blue moon we need to take the extra step and do the second step twice in two days.

Look Consistency

Refurbishing your existing door maintains the character and charm of your home. A well-preserved door complements the overall look of your house, ensuring consistency and curb appeal.

Art Preservation

If your door is crafted from exceptional woods like Mahogany, Oak, or Jarrah, it’s a work of art worth preserving. Our restoration efforts will showcase its intricate design and craftsmanship, turning it into an enduring masterpiece.

Refurbishing your doors not only saves money but also contributes to a sustainable and visually appealing home. Our experienced team of home painters is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your doors stand the test of time. Contact us now for a free consultation, and let’s work together to preserve the beauty and longevity of your doors. We look forward to serving you!

Step 1. Scrape, sand and strip the old stain and varnish away

Step 2. Mahogany stain application on a clean, smooth canvas.

Step 3. Varnish application on a stained door for a fresh and consistent look.

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