Getting a cheaper price from your painter can’t be easier

There are many factors that could affect the painter’s estimate. We have spoken to many clients and price painting jobs for a variety of properties. There are many ways to get a cheaper painting estimate quote from your house painting contractor. We share some tips about what to do and what to ask your painter to get a cheaper price. This could help you since there is no clear guideline on how to price a painting job. Hiring a painter could be quite difficult. when you are getting a very high price for a small area you are looking to paint always think what to do to lower the price. you also want to get the best quality work and long-lasting finish.

What to do to lower the cost of your estimate?

  • Empty Your House

  • Be Time Flexible

  • Trust the Suggestion

  • Be Payment Flexible

  • Get Multiple Painting Quote

  • Paint More

  • Ask Politely

Ever wonder if you could’ve gotten that extra $500 off of a painting quote? How about $1000? or more? You may ask yourself why are we sharing this information. We know. But we want to help you get the best painting job done at an affordable price which could help us to deliver better. We are sharing a few tips on how to get the best possible painting quote so you can make an easier decision. This could also help you to find the right painter faster. We hope that is us.

Empty Your House

First thing is: make room for painting. The most time consuming part of any paint job is the prep time. Moving or covering furniture in a room only adds to the time, which increases billing hours. So if your house is completely empty, you will get a cheaper quoting price than if it is full of furniture.
if you are living in the house you want to paint, offer to move all or most of the furniture.  This will almost always get you a cheaper cost estimate. Especially if there are a lot of articles, most painters will build this into the price of their quote and charge you more. next time you get a quote from your painter, ask them if you will get a cheaper painting quote if you move all your own furniture. you are hiring a painter after all so try to pay only for painting!

Time Flexible

If you can, don’t set a deadline for painting your property. tell your painter you are flexible to when the project gets done. Try to plan for your house painting projects during the slow season rather than spring or summer. There is sometimes last-minute cancellations and need to fill a spot in the schedule. let the painter know and ask for a discount right away! Always give time flexibility to your painter or contractor. there is a good chance they may give you a bit of price break in return and so you will have a cheaper home painting quote.

Trust the Suggestion

painting contractors get better discounts from different paint manufacturers. This doesn’t mean you are getting a cheaper paint. it means that one supplier may have worked out a better volume discount than another. Next time you’re getting a quote, ask your painter what brand they prefer. If it’s a top quality paint brand go ahead and trust the suggestion. this not only gives painters comfort to use what they like but also results in a cheaper price for your quote. If you aren’t satisfied with the suggestion, it’s okay to choose your own brand. but you may incur a higher rate because they aren’t getting it at a discounted rate.

Multiple Painting Quote

We usually recommend our customers to get at least three painting quote before they decide to go forward with one painting company. you should put this out there by telling your painter know that you won’t be getting another painting quote if you get a discounted and cheaper cost estimate. Not all painting contractors offer the same thing with the same level of care and protection. make sure you are actually comparing apples with apples. At Chromatist Painters we offer a three-year warranty, workers compensation, liability insurance, and criminal background checks for all of our staff. If you are comparing our prices to another painting company please make sure they do meet the same level of professionalism and expertise as well as protection and coverage. In case you can not or do not have the time to get multiple painting quotes, ask your painter what would be the benefit of signing with them on the spot? this usually leads to getting a discount on the spot since you are saving a lot of time and effort for the painter to go back and forth and follow up with you. This is a very common buying technique that homeowners use to lower the price of the painting quote. This will work almost everytime when you are confident with hiring that painter. Do not just offer them referrals and word of mouth for increasing their clientele but actually go out there and do it. Ask your neighbors, coworkers and family/relatives if they have any painting or home improvement needs that they cloud use your painter’s services. 

Paint More

This one is simple. The more you paint, the cheaper price you get.

The most time-consuming part of a painting project is to set up, cover areas and cleanups. If your painter is already there to paint one room, It will only cost you a fraction of what you paid for that room to paint another room. The time and cost for set up and cleanups is already there so It will cost you almost one-tenth of what you paid to paint the other room. always try to package more items in your painting project than less when you are looking at getting a cheaper price. Lots of our client end up painting their whole house when they compare our pricing for a fresh up project in a couple rooms and bathrooms compare to painting the whole house which is usually just a bit more. you would be surprised at how little an extra wall or room costs once we are already there with all our supplies out and the room is all set up for painting.

Ask Politely

We put this one as the last item since we consider this the most effective factor. Most painters are labors who are trying to make ends meet and bring food to their loved ones. Most painters are also reasonable people who are hungry to make their clients happy. communication is the key here. Just let them that you want the best value for your money, you are interested in getting this project done as soon as possible and you like to work with them. You cloud phrase it however you like, but as a suggestion, you cloud use something like this: ” I will be happy to give you my business today if you cloud please give me a better painting quote“. This will work all the time on all painters and you will even end up making a better connection with you painter that will lead you to get the best out of your money.

Always remember there I nothing wrong with asking. The key, on the other hand, is to be polite and show interest. But more important is to hire a painter you feel most comfortable with. It makes no sense to pay anyone anything to do a paint job that you are not satisfied with. Please also read our post on what to ask your painter before hiring them to get more insight on hiring a home painter contractor.

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