Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your kitchen without the hefty price tag of a full kitchen renovation or kitchen remodeling. Here are some key benefits of kitchen cabinet refinishing versus replacing:

Eco-Friendly: Kitchen cabinet refinishing reduces waste by reusing existing materials. This sustainable approach minimizes the environmental impact compared to completely replacing cabinets.

Cost-Effective: The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is significantly lower than replacing them. While replacing kitchen cabinets can cost between $25,000 to $40,000 for a medium-sized kitchen, painting your cabinets offers a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Value Addition: If you’re planning to sell your home, refinished cabinets can increase your property’s value. A modern, updated kitchen is a major selling point.

Complete Transformation: Painting your cabinets can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether you’re going for a modern, rustic, or classic look, the right kitchen cabinet paint finish can bring your vision to life and set the right ambiance in your home.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is perfect for kitchens with structurally sound cabinets. Why replace when you can paint and refine?

Cabinet Drawer Transformation: From Old Stain to Shellac Primer – Before, During, and After

Full kitchen cabinet painting project cost about $4000. After sanding of varnish and stainn, 2 coats of shellac primer and 3 coats of White cabinet colour.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

  • Type of Doors and Drawers: The cost varies depending on whether you have standard or oak doors. Oak doors typically require grain filling, which can add to the cost of cabinet painting.

  • Size and Quantity: The number and size of doors and drawers affect the overall price. Large drawers and pantry doors cost more than small drawers and regular doors.

  • Kitchen Layout and Painting Kitchen Cabinets Cost:

    The layout of your kitchen plays a significant role in determining the cost of painting your kitchen cabinets. A complex kitchen layout with multiple corners and intricate features can increase the difficulty of access and extend the time required to complete the painting job, thereby raising labour costs. Additionally, the dimensions of your kitchen directly impact the duration of the painting project. Larger kitchens with more cabinets and intricate layouts generally require more time for thorough painting. Factors such as limited space or non-standard cabinet arrangements can also pose challenges during the painting process.


  • Cabinet Design and cost of Painting Kitchen Cabinets: The design of your kitchen cabinets has a notable impact on the overall cost of painting them. Cabinets with intricate designs, detailed features, or decorative elements typically require more time and materials to paint. As a result, painting costs for these cabinets can increase by approximately 10-15%.


  • Primer and Topcoat: The type of primer and topcoat used can influence the cost of cabinet painting. Options like Renner 643,  BIN Shellac, and Renner 765 are popular choices.

  • Additional Services: Additional costs may include drilling or filling holes for new handles, caulking, and dealing with previously painted or damaged cabinets.

Average Prices for Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Toronto:

Standard Doors and Drawers: Average kitchen cabinet pricing in 2024 for standard doors and drawers is around $125.00 per door or large drawer and $85.00 per small drawer.

Oak Doors: The cost to paint oak cabinet doors is $150.00 per door or large drawer and $100.00 per small drawer.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Color ideas, white is Roman Column SW 7562

Quality Materials for a Superior Finish

Professional painters use high-quality materials like premium paints and primers, such as Zinnser BIN Shellac, known for its efficiency despite being one of the priciest options at nearly $600 per pail.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality products for our refinishing projects. We offer Renner, an Italian-made wood refinishing color known for its durability and beautiful finish, and Envirolak, which is renowned for its eco-friendly properties and superb performance. These top-notch materials ensure that your cabinets not only look great but also stand the test of time. Learn more about our kitchen cabinet refinishing process here.

Labour Costs

The labor costs for painting kitchen cabinets worth encompass more than just the painting task itself. They also include the time spent preparing the cabinets, degreasing and sanding cabinets to get to bare wood  and cleaning up after the job. Considering the typical duration required to paint kitchen cabinets entirely is around 4 to 7 days.

Painted kitchen cabinet color ideas from a cabinet painting project in New Market

Estimate Costs with Our Kitchen Cabinet Cost Calculator

Curious about the cost of refinishing your kitchen cabinets? Our Kitchen Cabinet Cost Calculator provides a rough estimate based on the number of doors and drawers you have. This tool helps you plan your budget more effectively, giving you a clear idea of what to expect financially.

Before photo of a condo kitchen cabinet painting project in downtown Toronto: Warm Gray painted kitchen cabinet color ideas
Cottage Cabinet Painting Refinishing in Kawartha before picture of stained red oak cabinetsPainted Kitchen Cabinet Color ideas, white is Roman Column SW 7562

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Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a smart, stylish, and sustainable way to upgrade your kitchen. With the benefits of cost savings, eco-friendliness, and added home value, it’s a compelling choice for any homeowner. Let Chromatist guide you through the process with our expert color consultations, inspirational galleries, and precise cost calculators. Embrace the transformation and enjoy a kitchen that truly reflects your style

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Obtaining Multiple Quotes for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

When planning to hire a professional for painting kitchen cabinets, obtaining multiple quotes is crucial. This approach enables you to compare pricing and services from different contractors, empowering you to make a well-informed decision and potentially save money on your project.

To gather quotes for kitchen cabinet painting services, you can fill out quote forms on trusted websites or reach out directly to local painting services in Toronto. Remember, taking the time to shop around ensures you find the best deal tailored to your needs and budget.

Obtaining Multiple Quotes for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Is it cheaper to paint or replace kitchen cabinets?
It is generally more cost-effective to paint or reface kitchen cabinets than to replace them entirely, as these methods utilize the existing cabinet boxes, saving on materials and labor costs.

Is kitchen cabinet painting worth it?
Yes, kitchen cabinet painting is worth it because it offers a durable and cost-effective solution compared to purchasing new cabinets. It provides a refreshed look and creates a new ambiance in your house.

What’s the average cost to paint kitchen cabinets in 2024?
The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets in 2024 ranges from $2,1500 to $5,415, depending on factors like kitchen size, cabinet condition, and the type of paint and finish chosen.

How does the cabinet design affect the painting cost?
Complex cabinet designs can increase cost of kitchen cabinet painting by 10-15% due to the additional time and materials required to ensure a quality finish.

How can I save money on my kitchen cabinet painting project?
To save money on your kitchen cabinet painting project, consider options such as DIY painting, thorough preparation of the workspace, and careful selection of paint colors. Additionally, obtaining multiple quotes from contractors can help you find competitive pricing and secure a fair deal.

What does it cost to have kitchen cabinets painted in my condo?
The cost to paint kitchen cabinets in a condo varies based on factors like the number of cabinets, their condition, and the paint type. On average, expect to pay between $1,800 and $2,3oo for painting kitchen cabinets in a standard condo in Toronto.

Can I paint my Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Yes, oak kitchen cabinets can be painted. It’s recommended to fill the grains and use a primer to block tannins, for a smooth finish.

Can MDF Cabinets be painted?
Yes, MDF cabinets can be painted. Applying a high adhesive primer is crucial to seal the MDF and prevent moisture absorption, which could cause swelling over time.

Is it possible to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding?
Yes, it’s possible to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding by using a high-quality primer. However, lightly sanding the cabinets beforehand is recommended for a better grip and to ensure optimal paint adhesion and a professional finish.