Getting ready for your home painting

If you are counting down the days until Chromatist Painters arrive to paint your home, you’ve got a beautiful house to look forward to. In the meantime, there is a little bit of preparation you can do to make sure the project goes smoothly. Chromatist Painters home painting contractors could do this stuff for you, but that just means more time and money being spent on your project. If you can tick off these boxes on your preparations check list, we will be able to finish your interior paint project on – or even under – budget as well as faster and more officiant.

  • Move Stuff

  • Watch out for your pets

  • Be Specific

  • Create Your Own Paint Samples

  • Painting last

One of the benefits of hiring a professional interior painting company is getting to sit back and relax while professional contractors do the hard work for you. To save you time and hassles, Chromatist Painters simplifies our services and processes to make our clients have a stress-free experience. However doing these steps could help you with the duration of home painting project as well as saving you money at the end. We always tend to do more for our client so not only they will be satisfied with the overall result of the project but also we make great impression on how we transform our client’s dream homes or commercial spaces.

Move Stuff

Everything that is currently on your walls will have to be moved before painting can commence. Not only removing them but also putting them away, usually takes about couple hours of our professional home painting contractors who are there to show off their painting skills rather than moving art and decorations which in most cases are very valuable and honorable to our beloved clients. Chromatist Painters will move and cover all of the large furniture, and that doesn’t take much time at all. We always appreciate it when a homeowner does this. Not only does it make the day a little easier for us, but also it saves time and money for the home owner.

Watch out for your pets

If you have pets, make sure to keep them away from the painters while they are in your house. See if you can hire a sitter for the duration of the project or if you can have someone be with your pet at all times while painters are painting your home. We always use Low VOC Paint that does not bother pets or young kids, however there are many small allergies that your pet could have without you knowing. Pets can also get in the way, whether they’re friendly or suspicious, freshly shedded hair has an annoying way of getting dried onto newly painted surfaces. That is something you want to avoid at all costs since painting projects can get quite costly when a painter end up redoing any surfaces. At Chromatist Painters we only hire animal friendly staff to be a part of our team since we believe the way people treat animals have a huge characteristic impact on how they treat people. We love animals and want to make sure they are safe and not affecting your home painting project.

Be Specific

There are lots of little details that homeowners sometimes overlook or forget to mention during a cost estimate. You might have a dark room that you want to be painted a lighter color. In this case, the contractor will have to include the cost of extra primer to achieve the color you want. Another example would be if you have windows which are painted closed. Your contractors can fix these without too much difficulty, but it’s much easier if they know in advance that this is within the scope of the work you require. Doing all these preparations will help the home painter contractor with time and effort. At Chromatist Painters we tent to do these extras for free as a thank you to our clients for choosing us if they took the initiative to prepare their home for painting project. Take the next step and mark the areas that really bothers you. We fill, caulk, prep, prime and sand as needed for all of our interior projects however there is always something extra that bothers the homeowners and we prefer to have these extras ready on day one so we can tackle them as efficient as possible not to loose any time or redo any surfaces.

Create Your Own Paint Samples

Last thing you wanna do is to paint your home the wrong color. Small paper paint color samples known as paint chips from our recommended paint store are likely not big enough to give you an accurate sense of how paint will look on your wall. Make your own color samples out of large white cardstock and use this to decide what color you want. Don’t be disappointed by a color that doesn’t look the way you imagined. at Chromatist Painters we offer a free one hour color consultation session after we book your job. If you are using more than 4 colors we highly recommend you to use our extended color consultation session with one of our experienced designers on site to get the best result possible. Creating your own paint samples and having a color theme idea would help us to direct your idea to choosing the best colors for your space. all we do is making you more knowledgeable about color contrasts, color harmony, tints, tones and shades.

Painting Last

Most projects that Chromatist Painters take on go smoothly from start to finish. But after hundreds of houses painted, we’ve identified a few things that homeowners can do to make their project even easier and more satisfactory. Good project outcomes and customer satisfaction are our highest priority. To achieve this, we want to cooperate with homeowners. These preparations shouldn’t take you much time at all, but they’ll shave hours off of your total project time. We guarantee that it’s worth it. When our home painter contractors come in, they would know where exactly start to finish and no need to worry for small things such as valuable clutter, pets or arts. Now that they see there is nothing left but painting they are more than happy to do some of those small extras you specified at no cost. We will make you happy no matter what it takes and we kindly ask you to cooperate with your home painting project so it can finish fast and officiant.If you have other questions about our work, contact us today, or get on our calendar to have our house painting contractors come to your home in the next few weeks. Looking forward to working with you.